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Cubadak Paradiso Village is located 1 degree south of the equator line therefore climate variations are a constant. However there are atmospheric conditions specific to West Sumatra linked to the following elements:

  • The dry and wet monsoons run at a distance of around 3.000 km from West Sumatra so their influence on the climate is marginal
  • Sumatra is vertically divided by a high mountain chain (1.500 - 3.800 m.) which opposes a barrier to the Eastern humid winds
  • Constant breezes assure a good temperature even being in an equatorial area
  • The night temperature falls from the daily 30/32 ℃ down to 23/25 ℃.


There are two seasons but the periods cannot be clearly distinguished because of the above mentioned conditions :

  • "dry" from January to October with showers maybe twice a week, particularly in the evening or late afternoon.
  • "wet" in November and early December with rains nearly every day, again particularly in the evening.

Weather Forecast

Cubadak is located in the Intertropical zone of convergence where the southern hemisphere trade winds encounter the northern hemisphere trade winds and annihilate each other. It's the equivalent of the sailors nightmare known as atlantic and pacific doldrums. This situation make the weather forecast very difficult. To sharpen our predictions we operate our own weather station. You can follow our weather situation live (data refreshed every 15 minutes) at the following address: