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In our establishment, the cuisine is considered of main importance. Cubadak offers a mix of Indonesian, Padang, Chinese Mandarin and Italian cuisines. Of course the main choice of dishes comes from the sea , according to the daily catches of the fishermen: crabs, fishes, squids, prawns etc. The food is light, delicious and one of the main priorities of the management. Nothing priory prepared will ever be served to you out of our freezers : what is on the table has been prepared and cooked in the morning for lunch, in the afternoon for dinner. Although we cook our own sambal sauce and make it available on the tables, no dish is ever cooked spicy. Chili lovers are invited to add sambal to their dish. The restaurant has a maximum of 4 tables depending on the occupancy, our guests share all their meals together including with the management staff.

Our clients take an opportunity during meal hours to share their travelling experiences between each other or to discuss their activities with the management.

  • breakfast is served from 7.30 till 11.30
  • Lunch is served at 13:30 and dinner at 20:00 pm
  • Flexibility is afforded to families traveling with young children with a separate dinner at 19:00
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All meals are one single menu and we make it a point that guests staying up to 2 weeks with us will never be served twice the same dish. All meals comprise at least one fish dish and one meat dish (pork is not available), a salad, fresh vegetables and selections of tropical fruits. Desserts and the various Italian or Chinese pasta are doubtless a major ingredient of Cubadak's fame...

Specific diets and restrictions :

Please let us know if you are on a specific diet. We can easily accommodate vegetarians, gluten-free menus etc... according to your particular needs. However, and we apologise to them, we are unable to handle pure vegan regimes (ie strictly nothing of animal origin). We further draw your attention to the fact that the restaurant is the only "dry" area of the resort : we kindly ask our guests to please get changed to something dry before coming for breakfast, lunch or dinner.