Diving rates

All our dives are guided by one of our three dive instructors. We can arrange two guided groups of 4 divers each. Any repetitive dive is preceded by a minimum of one hour surface interval We plan our dives in the morning according to weather conditions, the level of candidate divers and eventual diving course organisation. We endeavour to group divers according to their level so that all can enjoy their dive in good accordance with their personal skills and level. The schedules of the dives are flexible but a typical day dive program is very often organised as follows:

  • 1st dive at 08:30 followed by minimum 1 hour surface interval.
  • 2nd dive at 10:30 followed by lunch break
  • 3rd dive at 15:30
  • 4th dive at 18:30 back on time at the resort for diner, but too late for cocktail time :)

For availability and booking information please visit our Contact us page.

Discovery (including equipment) IDR 975.000 / USD 75
Single dive (excluding equipment) IDR 715.000 / USD 55
Package 4 dives (excluding equipment) * IDR 2.600.000 / USD 200
Package 6 dives (excluding equipment) * IDR 3.510.000 / USD 270
Package 10 dives (excluding equipment) * IDR 5.200.000 / USD 400
Equipment The equipment is rented per day.
Regulator IDR 143.000 / USD 11
BCD IDR 143.000 / USD 11
Wet suit IDR 91.000 / USD 7
Diving Course
Open water diver IDR 4.940.000 / USD 380
Advanced open water diver IDR 4.030.000 / USD 310
Rescue diver IDR 4.940.000 / USD 380

* Package policy for couples or families :The package price is extended to couples or family members when they are diving together.
*Free non guided house reef dives are included for all packages.