Cubadak team

  • bulan213
  • dominique212
  • Hugh
  • marco211
  • pen214

Marco and Dominique, French and on the island since 2006, are the general managers. They speak English, French , Italian (well, Frantalian sometimes...) and Indonesian.

As dive instructor and sailor, Marco is mostly found either on or below the sea, while Dominique is more into the daily management of the place.

We are at your disposal throughout the day to serve you drinks, take you snorkeling and / or help you arrange your next activities.

Pen, Indonesian, has been working at the resort since 2003. He is the head of the staff and because he has been through every possible position in the place, he is extremely knowledgeable about just everything.

Al, Indonesian, has been working as our Chef since 2008. We have to forgive his shyness for the talent he puts in every possible dish he prepares !