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You will find on this page some useful information for your journey.


The Indonesian currency is the Rupiah. Its value varies from 8000 to 13000 for 1 US dollar, 10000 to 15000 for 1 EUR. ATM's are available in the cities, yet it is difficult to withdraw more than 5 million at a time. Credit cards are rarely accepted in particular in remote places (Amex or Dinner's are absolutely not accepted in Sumatra), but money changers are available almost everywhere. The Euro currency is the one best exchanged with no exchange difference according to the nominal value of the bank note, which is not the case of the US Dollar. Please pay attention that small US Dollar notes are NOT an advantage at all, and that the Rupiah is the currency to be used for your payments, and tipping.

Entry Visa

Citizens of most countries (168) are now eligible to enter Indonesia without visa and completely free of charge, for a maximum stay of 30 days. This visa-free entry is strictly limited to tourism purposes, and may not be extended without exiting the county. You should be aware that immigration officers may ask you for your return ticket as a proof that your stay will not exceed 30 days. Failure to provide this will entitle the officer to charge you the entry visa at a rate of USD 35.00, payable in cash only.

More information and updated list of eligible countries on :

Airport taxes

Airport taxes are no longer in practice, they are systematically included in the price of your air ticket.

Health and risks

No vaccination is necessary to visit us, Malaria is unknown to our region. Malaria treatments should be considered only if you wish to visit the Mentawai Islands, the Nias and Aceh Provinces of Sumatra. If you plan to visit other regions of Sumatra or Indonesia it would be advisable to seek your doctor's advice for vaccinations and various treatments.

Our region is particularly quiet and peaceful : no rioting or violence here ! We ourselves have been circulating in Sumatra for the past 10 years without any fear or inconvenience of any kind.

Travelers in Sumatra often suffer stomach inconveniences during their stay. Here are a few basics to avoid the trouble of a day sick in bed : NEVER drink anything by the bottle, mineral water included. It is recommended to travel with plastic glasses, or straws. Eventually you can carry disinfectant tissues with you, to thoroughly clean the top of the bottle before drinking. Of course never drink water from the tap (except at Cubadak Paradiso Village, this is one of our luxuries !), avoid cleaning fruits before eating them (they will have to be pealed in any case), do not eat salads and do ask for your drinks "without ice". Should this not suffice, we recommend to travel with Smecta rather than Immodium in your first aid kit.

Time differences

Cubadak island is located at GMT + 7 hours. For example, we are during winter 6 hours ahead of most European countries, and 5 hours ahead during summer time. We are one hour behind both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Dressing codes

For us at the resort, there is absolutely no particular dressing code ! Yet if you plan to visit villages, cities or markets... it is recommended to avoid sleeveless tops or anything above the knees for the ladies. Men should always be wearing a T-Shirt or similar.

Ramadan and Eid (Idul Fitri)

We strongly advise visitors to check if their trip will fall during ramadan or Idul Fitri (end of Ramadan). If you are traveling in the muslim regions of Sumatra (Aceh, West Sumatra for example) during Ramadan, it will prove difficult to find lunch or beverages during day time. If traveling during Idul Fitri anywhere in Indonesia, travelers should secure their bookings as long ahead of schedule as possible. Indonesians are very fond of traveling in their country - and rightly so ! - and hotels, homestays, guesthouses, flights... will be very hard to find without prior reservation.